Create The Life You Want Starting With 5 Minutes of Writing a Day

Stop wasting time on imagining perfect life and start building it

Build a solid journaling practice within five weeks. Start with baby steps, taking five minutes a day.

Each week contains a condensed set of questions I've distilled over the last three years.

Your task is to ask them and note the answers.

On the way, you'll discover why some questions work better than others and how you can craft yours.

Use journaling to get what you want.

Here Is Why It's Worth It

Don’t you have enough of living in the shadow of your dreams?
Never fulfilling any of the big ones?

Not joining this course strips you of an opportunity to discover what you want and how to get it. You’ll lose a way to notice the bright side of life.

Joining, on the other hand will give you insight into your most important problem - yourself.

Here is what awaits you on the other side:

  • a way to find out your desires
  • improving your memory and learning skills
  • becoming a better version of yourself
  • discovering ways to work with your brain
  • taming the power of questions

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    Not Convinced Yet?

    Before journaling, I could never post anything online.

    Now, I have 115 published stories on

    Also, I've tweeted 832 times. Without big success yet.

    However, journaling gave me the mindset to try and fail on the way to success.

    There is much to learn, and I have just the right tools!

    Below, you can see my most-read article! It was the first time when I realized I wanted to create this course.

    In the meantime I wrote over 900 journal entries. On those pages I kept myself responsible and always strived for finishing what I've started.

    Use my effort to drive your progress.

    It's free!